At Intern Bridge, we view experiential education as a way to create a pipeline of highly talented students for organizations, foster relationships between higher education and employers, and infuse local economic development initiatives. It is our strong belief that all organizations can benefit from an effectively planned and properly structured internship program. We are the internship experts, and our goal is to create exceptional new internships and improve existing internships throughout the nation.

Our Audience
Intern Bridge plays FIVE KEY ROLES in the college recruiting realm:

Intern Bridge is responsible for the nation’s largest annual internship research projects. We are one of the only organizations that conducts specialized studies directly with students. By engaging this highly targeted audience, we obtain key data and statistics regarding their expectations and experiences as it relates to internship programs, general college recruiting practices and workforce development. Our research partners have included the National Association of Colleges and Employers Foundation, the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers, and the Northeast Human Resources Association, a SHRM affiliate.

Through countless hours of in-depth proprietary research, Intern Bridge has developed the Total Internship Management approach to internship program creation and administration. This strategy, geared towards employers, all but guarantees that both organizations and students will benefit from the effective implementation of an internship program. The process takes into account critical factors of internship programming including understanding Gen-Y, structuring a program, choosing the best supervisor, marketing the opportunity, orientation, compensation, benefits, evaluation, and so much more.

Intern Bridge is the publishing house in charge of authoring, printing, and distributing leading internship management and college recruiting materials such as Total Internship Management: The Employer’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Internship Program and the Total Internship Management Workshop DVD. We are also proud to offer free white papers and other resources created by leading industry experts on our website. The publishing team is capable of preparing a range of orders as little as one product to bulk orders and discounts for thousands.

Intern Bridge generates some of the most sought after and successful college recruiting workshops. Our interactive workshops range a multitude of topics including Internship Program Administration and Managing “Next Gen” Leaders. Intern Bridge works closely with universities to produce half-day and day-long programs throughout the country, allowing professionals to learn about critical college recruiting topics in an open forum that encourages networking and relationship building. We also provide workshops at national, regional, and state conferences, and we offer clients the opportunity to customize workshops for their organization or university.

Intern Bridge offers a wide range of customized consulting services. One of our token services is working with organizations as Total Internship Managers. In this role, organizations utilize Intern Bridge staff and resources to create and administer their internship program. This arrangement ensures best-in-class experiences for organizations and interns, and provides for the future sustainability of a college recruiting strategy. We also offer website branding and a wide array of additional services.