This week I am visiting with Dr. Kathy Tuberville, Director, Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center at the University of Memphis’ Fogleman College of Business.  Dr. Tuberville is also a George Johnson Fellow and Ron Hart Leader in the Department of Management.

Please watch the video as we discuss how her and her team are engaing students and employers, as well as promoting experiential learning with the curriculum!

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Monday Maximizers – 11/18/2019

This week is a special treat!  I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Michael True.  Earlier this year, Mike retired from Messiah College after 29 years of service.  During that time, he became the leading voice for experiential education at an international level, created resources for employers, students and his colleauges, as well as being an amazing mentor to so many in the profession!

Please watch the video as we discuss the past, present and future of experiential learning and workforce development.  Also learn more about what Mike is working on next at InTRUEition!  Believe me… YOU do not want to miss this candid opportunity to engage with one of the great leaders in higher education!

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Monday Maximizers – 11/11/2019

This week we are visiting with Christine Mosich and Anne Shealy from the University of South Carolina and Michelle Dukes from International Paper in Georgetown, SC.

Please watch the video as we discuss one of the innovative programs that International Paper is doing to engage students on campus to get them interested and focused on the internship opportunities they have available.  A great example of a meaningful partnership between employers and a career center! Continue reading Monday Maximizers – 11/11/2019

Monday Maximizers – 10/21/2019

This week we are visiting with Dr. Matthew Hora, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts & Applied Studies, a Research Scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, and the Director of the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Please watch the video as we discuss the work that the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions is focused on… Continue reading Monday Maximizers – 10/21/2019

Monday Maximizers – 10/14/2019


This week we are visiting with Jordan Kart from WESCO International in Pittsburgh, PA.  I began following Jordan on LinkedIN when I noticed his posts about their internship program and wanted to learn more.  I was not disappointed! Please watch the video as we discuss their unique internship program that has made an amazing impact on their talent acquisition initiaitves! Continue reading Monday Maximizers – 10/14/2019

Monday Maximizers – 9/23/2019


This week we are visiting with Ashley C. Byrd-White, Assistant Director for Career Education and Erin Mullen, Assistant Director of Experiential Education in the University of South Carolina Career Center about the new Career Champion Program.  This campus wide program designed to visibly identify faculty and staff who are especially equipped to assist students with career decision making.  Check out the video… Continue reading Monday Maximizers – 9/23/2019