Thank you for registering for the August 2017 Career Services Online Conference!  Below you will find the schedule of presentations.  To gain access to each of the sessions, please click on the title of the session you wish to attend.  You will then be re-directed to a gotowebinar registration page.  Once on this page, please fill out the information and click submit.  You will need to do this for every session that you choose to attend live.

Just a reminder, we are recording every session of the conference and will place the recordings in our on-line video portal at the conclusion of the conference.

Thursday August 17th

Learning Session #1 – 9:30am ET

Changing with the Times: Exploring the Emerging Trends in Career Services – Joy Asher, Centre College – (Click to Download Slide Deck – Asher_1)

Opening Keynote Presentation – 10:45am ET

Personal Brands & Personal Relationships: The Keys to Creating A Bigger Future – Colby B. Jubenville, PhD  (Click to Download Slide Deck – Intern Bridge 2017- Jubenville)

Learning Session #2 – Noon ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

Programming & Services: Getting More Students through Your Doors! – Thao Nelson & Kori Renn, Indiana University- Kelley School of Business  – (Click to Download Slide Deck – Nelson-Renn Handout)

“I Incorporated”, Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship. Career Planning that truly empowers an individual to take full control of their destiny. – Mike Callahan, College of Business, UM – Dearborn – (Click to download notes – Callahan)

Learning Session #3 – 1:30pm ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

Mind the Gap – Using “Higher Vocational Education” to bridge between the classroom and real life. – Zen Parry, Independent Consultant – Vocational Education  – (Click to Download Slide Deck – ZenParry_HigherVocationalEducation)

Career Service, how to grow your companies on campus – Mark Broadfoot, UR Consultants  – (Click to Download Slide Deck – Broadfoot)

Plenary Session – 3:30pm ET

Career Resources for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Kazique J. Prince, Ph.D. – Founder & CEO, Jelani Consulting (Click to Download Slide Deck – Career Resources for Diversity Equity Inclusion)

Friday, August 18th

Learning Session #4 – 9:30am ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

No Postings? No Problem-Target Employers! Strategies to Help Your Students Land Meaningful Internships. – Flore Dorcely-Mohr, Berkley College & Victoria Crispo, –  (Click to Download Slide Deck – Flore)

Using Learning Outcomes and Assessment to Prove Your Worth – Joy Asher, Center for Career & Professional Development, Centre College – (Click to Download Slide Deck – Asher_2)

Learning Session #5 – 10:30am ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

Using Low-Commitment Level Community and Public Service Projects to Prepare Students for Other Types of Experiential Learning – Steven Gruesbeck, Northwestern State University of Louisiana –  (Click to Download Slide Deck – Gruesbeck Low-Commitment Service Projects)

Framing Internships: Facilitating student development through internships – Rachel Leatham, Carleton College –  (Click to Download Slide Deck – InternBridge 2017 Leatham)

Plenary Session – 11:30am ET

Eddie Lin, CEO & Founder of NexusEdge (Click to Download Slide Deck)

Learning Session #6 – 1:00pm ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

Disrupting our Ideas of Gender Norms: Inclusive Impacts for Career Services & Recruiting – Kelly Dries, University of Utah & Kyle Inselman, University of Denver  – (Click to Download Slide Deck – InselmanDries) (Click here to Download Handout – Handout – Inselman-Dries)

MRS/MSU Careers Collaborative: Bridging Boundaries to Empower Students with Disabilities Toward Employment – Tammison Smith, Michigan State University & Wendy Hilliker, Michigan DHS/MRS  – (Click to Download Slide Deck)

Learning Session #7 – 2:00pm ET
(Your Choice of Presentations to Attend)

International Students’ Needs and Their Impact on Career Services. – Jerry Donahue & Rebekah Kane, Northwestern University; Graciela Kenig, De Paul University & Qiang Fitzgerald, Huang & Fitzgerad Consulting – (Click to Download Slide Deck – Donahue) (Click here to download handout – What Employers Should Know)

Moving Forward: A New Approach to Engaging Nonprofits – Dylan Mark, University of Colorado Boulder – (Click to Download Slide Deck – D_Mark Slide Deck)

Closing Keynote Presentation – 3:30pm ET

Yes, And… Creating New Performances for Success! – Marian Rich, Career Play, Inc.  – (Click to Download Slide Deck – M_Rich)