The Internship Program Best Practices Workshop has been designed to facilitate communication between Higher Education Career Centers and employer partners in order to assist students in their transition from college to the world-of-work.  Based on the most in-depth research ever to be conducted into the successful management of internship programs and entry-level talent acquisition, you can be assured that this event will be a sucess on your campus.

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Comments from Participants:

“The workshop was extremely beneficial to my organization not only because of the wealth of internship information & resources but also for the networking and connecting the class provided. It was helpful to meet individuals form other organizations in the area. Dr. Shindell is an exceptional speaker and communicator with a wealth of knowledge to share on this topic!” K. Brown, Mowhawk Flooring, Atlanta, GA

“The Intern Bridge Total Management Workshop was time well spent. The format of these sessions with the employers and academic contacts all in one room is fantastic. The table discussions and the group facilitation with an expert on the topic is terrific. In a sense, it was like a focus group with a captive audience and I came away with some key information on topics that were important to me and our organization.” Brian J. Case, PPL Corporation