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This is the premier professional learning and sharing event in North America for college & university career centers.  Each session is focused on cutting-edge topics impacting the career services industry.

Keynote Speaker: Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler is the author of two provocative books – The Authentic Workplace and The Key to the New You and CEO of JButler International. Having written over 100 articles on workplace dynamics, his insights have been featured in dozens of media outlets such as Forbes and HR News. In addition, he has appeared on TEDx in both 2016 and 2017 with both talks focusing on psychology. Before Jeff founded his workplace consulting company, he spent almost a decade in Silicon Valley working as a Software Engineer which is where his initial interest in organization psychology began to develop. Since then, he has personally addressed over 100 organizations internationally on workplace dynamics issues such as Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Wells Fargo. He lives in Boston, MA with his family.

Keynote Presentation: Preparing for the Workforce 2020

After 500 interviews, working in 5 companies and interviewing dozens of professionals in his podcast- GigaNation, Jeff has combined both his personal and current trending industry advice into this program. This programs covers the essentials what is required to get hired in today’s competitive landscape. Everything from tweaking LinkedIn, hiring communities at Google, to managing interview rejection, this talk covers both tactical and strategic approaches to getting hired in tech. This program is aimed at entry level to mid-level manager positions.

Learning Points:

  • Explore the importance of “soft” skills for handling interviews such as behavioural questions and emotional intelligence
  • Discover Technologies to multiply your effectiveness of getting hired.
  • Learn what really happens behind the scenes at the top companies at the world such as Google’s hiring committee decisions.

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Featured Presenters:

  • Jay Skipworth, Jessie Simonik & Matthew French –  University Career Center, UNC Charlotte
  • Makesha Dockery – Georgia State University
  • Dr. Chris Laney & Doug Heckman – Emsi
  • Jillian Low & Rachael Criso –  Virtual Internships
  • Zen Parry –  Trepademics LLC
  • Emmaline Armstrong – Center For Student Professional Development at Delaware Valley University
  • Roseanne Bensley –  New Mexico State University
  • Lynda Busack & Megan Anderson –  Waukesha County Technical College & Alverno College
  • Dr. Candice Racite – Rowan College South Jersey
  • Dr. Kathy Tuberville –  Fogelman College of Business and Economics
  • Rishav Khanal –  InPerson
  • Cindy Damschroder –  University of Cincinnati
  • Juan E. Armijo –  Texas Woman’s University
  • Dr. Pam Schilling & Dr. Jeremy Morse – Archer Career
  • Steven Rothberg –  College Recruiter
  • Patrick Madsen – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Ann McAdam Griffin & JP Abercrumbie –  Rice University
  • Stacy Moore –  Delaware Valley University
  • And Many More…

CLICK HERE to see the Full Schedule!

  • 1 to 5 Career Center Staff – $299
  • 6 to 10 Career Center Staff – $349
  • More than 10 Career Center Staff – $399

Remember: Registration Fees are per-office, not per-person!

All staff within a registered career center may participate under a single all-inclusive registration in this one-of-a-kind distance learning experience. Unlimited archive access for staff is also included.

  • Registration is on a per-office basis. All staff within a registered career center may participate under a single all-inclusive registration.
  • Participants may be logged into their own individual office or home computers for the live sessions.
  • Every minute of every session will be recorded and placed into our digital archive. Access to the archives is unlimited for staff of registered career centers, and the archives never expire.
  • Thousands of colleges and universities have participated in past programming like this with 98% stating they were “highly satisfied”.
  • The program is a highly affordable, convenient, and flexible professional development opportunity.

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