Video #1: Introduction to Total Internship Management

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Video #2: Organizational Readiness & Team Commitment

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Organizational Audit Flyer

Video #3: The Intern Work Plan

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Blank Intern Syllabus

Video #4: Effective Recruiting & On-Boarding

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Definitive Guide to Onboarding

Orientation Checklist – Sample

Video #5: Selection & Training Mentors/Supervisors and Performance Management

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Mentoring Interns and Entry-Level Employees Whitepaper

Mentoring and skill development in E-internships

Video #6: Transitioning to “What’s Next” & Assessment

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Video #7: Wrapping up: Putting it all Together

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Total Internship Management Template Book

Internship Legal Update – CLICK HERE for the Whitepaper


Handouts (Click to Download):


90-Minute Consulting/Strategy Meeting – Do you need additional assistance in transitioning your internship program to be delivered virtually? If so, we will schedule a 90-minute initial individual meeting to address your concerns and develop a specific plan for your organization. CLICK HERE to schedule a time to meet! – A learning management system that has been specifically designed to help your interns develop & utilize the career readiness skills needed to be successful at work!   This self-directed LMS provides your interns with dedicated, intentional and deliberate learning opportunities that are critical to a well-structured, successful internship program.  Though this platform, you have the ability to engage your interns in meaningful and impactful professional development modules focused on the successful implementation of the most critical skills they need to be successful during their internship and beyond.  Each module has specific learning outcomes for each of the eight career readiness competencies.  Check it out and schedule a demo –

Internship Management Template Book – One of the keys to a successful internship program is having the right knowledge at the right time for the right people.  We have developed standardized forms that can help keep your internship program organized and structured.  If you would like to receive this book of templates, just respond to this email and I will send them over to you today with an invoice for $99!


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