August 2017 Career Services Online Conference Schedule

Thursday, August 17th

Learning Session #1 – 9:30am ET

Changing with the Times: Exploring the Emerging Trends in Career Services – Joy Asher, Centre College

Over the past five years there’s been a sea change in career services: how we define the work that we do, how we think about and deliver services to our students, how we collaborate with other departments on campus, and even the role we play within our institutions. Come learn about the current trends in career services and how one Kentucky school is successfully implementing and embodying these trends with limited additional resources.

Opening Keynote Presentation – 10:45am ET

Personal Brands & Personal Relationships: The Keys to Creating A Bigger Future
Colby B. Jubenville, PhD

If you want a bigger future, you must have a better conversation with yourself (mindset), your team (strategy) and the marketplace (execution). Using a series of short stories and frameworks, this presentation allows the audience to see how and why key these concepts can impact the personal conversations they have and the future they, in fact, can create.

Colby B. Jubenville, PhD is a blogger for the Washington Times and an accomplished author, international speaker, professor, entrepreneur, inventor and consultant. He holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University as Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Success and Strategic Partnerships and is Principal of Red Herring Innovation and Design, an agency specializing in helping people and organizations become better known, better understood, and better understand the unique value they deliver. He regularly speaks on his book Zebras & Cheetahs which teaches others how to compete on unique value rather than commodity. During his tenure in higher education, Jubenville has published over 35 peer reviewed and professional trade articles and is the founder of The Journal of Applied Sport Management. He consults companies as well as corporate clients throughout the United States and his insight has been published in the Nashville Business Journal and featured in The Nashville Post. He has been a guest lecturer at Elon University, The University of South Florida, The Nashville Predators, The Atlanta Falcons, The Nashville Predators, Florida State University, The University of Alabama and Vanderbilt University.

He was selected by the Nashville Business Journal as a member of its Forty Under 40 class and in 2013, released his first book Zebras & Cheetahs, published by Wiley and Sons. In 2016 he secured a seven figure private gift to underwrite the Center for Student Coaching and Success; a high impact center on the Campus Of Middle Tennessee State University helping students becoming gainfully employed prior to walking across the stage at graduation. In that same year, he co-authored his second book Me: How to Sell Who You Are, What You Do & Why You Matter to the World.

Learning Session #2 – Noon ET
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Programming & Services: Getting More Students through Your Doors! – Thao Nelson & Kori Renn, Indiana University- Kelley School of Business

Learn proven strategies to bring the fun and therefore the students through our doors! This session will explore tactics used by one career services office to diagnose common ailments in career centers and then develop a treatment plan to alleviate the pain. Regardless of the size and scope of our schools and centers, we all experience common pains, including low student engagement and limited resources to serve a growing student population. Successfully managing these issues requires creativity, high energy, and a commitment to fun. Attendees will connect with peers, compare practices, and collaborate to build effective strategies to help students reach career outcomes.

“I Incorporated”, Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship.  Career Planning that truly empowers an individual to take full control of their destiny.  – Mike Callahan, College of Business, UM – Dearborn

Employers want to know if you can do the work, will you do it if you come work for them and will you fit into their environment. It makes sense to help people develop a career plan that will help answer those three questions. We use a triangle to capture these concepts and are represented by the three sides of the triangle. One side represents the Skills and Knowledge dimension which represents our ability to do the job. The second side, which is the Track Record, represents our level of experience in that job. Lastly, there is the Relationship side of the triangle which gets at the kind of values they share with other people in the organization. The concepts we cover in this approach are all about helping an individual approach their career with an entrepreneurial mindset while helping them understand how they can bring value to a given opportunity and then becoming fully empowered in the pursuit of opportunities that are in line with their personal values and interests.

Learning Session #3 – 1:30pm ET
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Mind the Gap – Using “Higher Vocational Education” to bridge between the classroom and real life. – Zen Parry, Independent Consultant – Vocational Education

Always regarded as the education step-child, vocational education is gaining new understanding and supporters when contextualized within higher education institutions and expectations. Moving beyond work-integrated-learning, internships and job placement opportunities, the discussion about “Higher Vocational Education” is emerging. Can you afford to not know what this means?

Career Service, how to grow your companies on campus – Mark Broadfoot, UR Consultants

Take a University Recruiters tips on how to get more companies on your campus! Mark Broadfoot has worked for some of the most well know companies in the country and would like to share with you how to build a larger data base of companies to recruit on your campus.  Based on years of working in corporate college recruiting, please join us for this session to help you better meet the needs of your employer partners!

Plenary Session – 3:30pm ET

Career Resources for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Kazique J. Prince, Ph.D. – Founder & CEO, Jelani Consulting

College students and career service professionals struggle with how to better prepare for the job and internship recruitment process, building a credible resume of experiences and learning opportunities, setting expectations about the onboarding process, adjusting to the job’s cultural norms, and clearing the way to establishing a career path.  Women and people of color experience unique challenges that make it difficult to navigate through the career preparation, search, and attainment process.  Career services professionals are in a unique position to help encourage and support their efforts despite these barriers.  It’s also an opportunity promote and brand their unique combination of experiences and insights to strategically position their students more effectively.  In part, our discussion focuses on how to better equip career services professionals and their students to negotiate conversations about race and build  their racial consciousness and fluency.


Friday, August 18th

Learning Session #4 – 9:30am ET
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No Postings? No Problem-Target Employers! Strategies to Help Your Students Land Meaningful Internships. – Flore Dorcely-Mohr, Berkley College & Victoria Crispo,

How many times have you had a student come in with specific career interests and expect you’ll find their dream opportunity for them? In this session, we share best practices and success stories from our pilot program, No Postings, No Problem! We trained the staff to use the Targeted Employer list by, a tool for students to reflect on their values, goals, and interests. We coached Berkeley students- in a 100% virtual environment- on developing their lists, and encouraged them to proactively reach out to organizations of interest (regardless of whether there is an opportunity listed at that time!). Come hear about our recent outcomes and how you too can address your toughest internship challenges with this tool.

Using Learning Outcomes and Assessment to Prove Your Worth – Joy Asher, Center for Career & Professional Development, Centre College

Colleges and universities are under fire nowadays to prove their value. Parents and students alike want to know that their time and money will yield tangible results. At the same time, college administrators are paying an increasing amount of attention to career services offices and scrutinizing their worth to the institution. Learn how to create a strategic plan and mission statement with tangible goals and action items, how to create assessment strategies around those goals, and how to use student learning outcomes and assessment to demonstrate your value to your institution.

Learning Session #5 – 10:30am ET
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Using Low-Commitment Level Community and Public Service Projects to Prepare Students for Other Types of Experiential Learning – Steven Gruesbeck, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Experiential learning for all students is a new trend at many Universities. When students apply what they have learned in the classroom to solve ‘real-world’ problems they become more experienced and engaged in their major field of study.  Commonplace among nursing and education majors, students in other disciplines may be dubious of making the transition from classroom to real world. Academic service-learning and community/public service may be useful bridges for preparing and motivating inexperienced students. Because service projects vary in terms of required level of commitment, faculty may use these projects early on as a means of soft launching students towards more advanced high impact educational practices (Kuh, 2008) like internship and capstone course projects later on in their studies.

Framing Internships:  Facilitating student development through internships – Rachel Leatham, Carleton College

Have you ever wondered how to transform student engagement in summer internship programs from perfunctory to passionate? We’re seeing positive results in our Summer Internship and Career Readiness Program at Carleton College. In this presentation, I will share how our internship program develops students and has bolstered support for internships on campus. Our program helps students to set their intentions, deepen their commitment to learning, and become better equipped to apply and communicate their skills in the classroom at Carleton and beyond. This presentation will provide an in-depth look at the tools we use to optimize results among students. I will discuss our funding application, faculty recommendation forms, the learning contract, reflection blog, supervisor evaluations, and bring-back materials.

Plenary Session – 11:30am ET

 Eddie Lin, CEO & Founder of NexusEdge



Learning Session #6 – 1:00pm ET
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Disrupting our Ideas of Gender Norms: Inclusive Impacts for Career Services & Recruiting – Kelly Dries, University of Utah & Kyle Inselman, University of Denver

There are several ways that gender shows up in career services and recruiting, from “dress for success” and “leaning in”, to transgender applicants and gender non-conforming staff. How can career services and recruiting professionals be inclusive at these intersections of gender and work? This innovative workshop will help professionals begin to explore the underpinnings of gender norms, inviting participants to engage with a deep understanding of gender that can influence how they approach it throughout their professional lives.

MRS/MSU Careers Collaborative: Bridging Boundaries to Empower Students with Disabilities Toward Employment – Tammison Smith, Michigan State University & Wendy Hilliker, Michigan DHS/MRS

Nationally, compared to their non-disabled counterparts, students with disabilities face greater challenges in accessing and obtaining employment opportunities. The Careers Collaborative (CC) at Michigan State University (MSU) is a joint effort between the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, the Career Services Network, MSU’s Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling program, and the State of Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) to optimize student employment preparedness and address issues of access. Prior to formation of this unique program, Michigan students often missed connections to disability accommodations forcing their elimination from Michigan’s thirsty workforce. Join two CC members to learn: the origins of the program, past results, tricks of joining diverse units, and future CC goals. Careers Collaborative members invite those connected to similar programs to share experiences.

Learning Session #7 – 2:00pm ET
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International Students’ Needs and Their Impact on Career Services. – Jerry Donahue & Rebekah Kane, Northwestern University; Graciela Kenig, De Paul University & Qiang Fitzgerald, Huang & Fitzgerad Consulting

With the continued influx of international students at private and public universities, career centers need to adjust and adapt their services to a unique and growing population. Depending on their country of origin, students may arrive in the United States with very different expectations and needs. These include a lack of awareness regarding how to search for and secure internships, as well as employment after graduation, and their impact on career services. They also may bring with them culturally-based assumptions about the role of career counselors, career offices and the services they offer. In this session participants will learn about cultural differences as they relate to career choices and job search tools (resumes, cover letters, networking, etc.) and will be provided with effective techniques to bridge these cultural gaps. In addition the importance of collaboration efforts with other campus offices and employers will be addressed.

Moving Forward: A New Approach to Engaging Nonprofits – Dylan Mark, University of Colorado Boulder

As more and more students pursue careers with the goal of positively impacting the world around them, career offices must adapt and provide specialized resources and programming to meet their needs. In this session we will outline programs that demonstrate how we, as career professionals, can connect students to careers in social impact organizations and nonprofits.

 Closing Keynote Presentation – 3:30pm ET

Yes, And… Creating New Performances for Success! – Marian Rich, Career Play, Inc.

Career Play works with Career Services to introduce students to improvisational play and performance as a fun and growthful way to improve interview skills for internships and fulltime career opportunities. Improv is a fun way to create new performances for success. Improv has been shown to reduce nervousness and help people keep calm under pressure. Learning to improvise develops spontaneity, active listening skills, the ability to think on your feet, get out of your head and be present. Through improvisational play students become more confident in their ability to do well in their interviews, which we explore as performed conversations.