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Is your organization’s internship program exceeding expectations?  If not, the key to building and maintaining a successful program is actively assessing the outcomes you desire.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on assessment. In addition to evaluating the performance of team members, managers have been instructed to provide evidence of program success that goes beyond anecdotal stories and to demonstrate the value-add of programs in order to secure additional financial resources. This directive to measure outcomes on individual and programmatic levels is not limited to Fortune 500 companies, but is also strongly encouraged and even required at small, mid-size, and large organizations that recruit and hire interns and maintain internship programs.

Managers assess interns and internship programs for a wide variety of reasons:

  • To provide evidence regarding whether or not a student benefited from an internship.
  • To demonstrate the degree to which a student learned or gained new skills.
  • To guide the student in identifying areas for improvement.
  • To provide data regarding the overall program.
  • To demonstrate value add.
  • To offer suggestions for program improvement.