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  • Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • Virtual Via Zoom

$399 for-profit  | $299 non-profit/government
Continental breakfast, lunch & snacks provided!

Six Hours (6) of HRCI and/or SHRM-PDC Credit

Miranda Miles - Oatly

"The Total Internship Management Workshop was incredible! I really appreciated that the day began by opening the floor to questions the participants would like addressed and the instructor took time to cover each point. Regardless of where your company is at building out an internship, this can help you take it to the next level."
Miranda Miles
Talent Management Specialist | Oatly

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

"This workshop was recommended to me by a coworker, and I am so glad it was. The workshop advertised helping intern managers grow and improve their program, so I was concerned it wouldn't be for me as I was starting at ground zero. However, especially if you do not currently have an active internship program, I would highly recommend this workshop. I was given the information and resources to start from the beginning, and to build an internship program with a high ROI right off the bat."
Tasha Dyson
Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Julie Lee

"I would highly recommend this workshop because there's always something more you can do and learn to better your internship programthe program, or even start a new one. The workshop provides templates on how to get things going. Not attending is a huge mistake "
Julie Lee
HR Coordinator | FFB Bank

Brooke Reed

"Don't think twice about registering! Go! The opportunity to learn and network at the workshop is worth it. I went in with an internship program that we felt was pretty solid. After the workshop, not only did I feel more confident in our program (got lots of validation that we're headed the right way), I picked up numerous tips on how to strengthen and support our program as we continue to grow. "
Brooke Reed
Sr. Talent Programs Specialist | Michael's Stores

AM Testimonial

"The Total Internship Management Workshop was very comprehensive and the diversity of perspectives in the room from different sectors of industry provided for wonderful dialog around internship program management. This workshop is a great investment for results-oriented nonprofits who wants to develop a S.M.A.R.T. program for their organization. I'm looking forward to upgrading our program structure and taking the experiences of our students and supervisors to the next level."
Angela Maceda
Director of College Ministry & Internships | Christ Church

CGarrison Testamonial

“The workshop covered all aspects of creating, maintaining, and improving an internship program and is applicable for public and private sector organizations. Employers left with a solid understanding of the process for developing a sustainable internship program and the tools necessary to do so.”
Cheryl Garrison
Director of Talent & Workforce Solutions, Greenville Chamber of Commerce

MJ Testimonial

In a word, the Total Internship Management Workshop is comprehensive. From determining whether your organization is ready for interns to evaluating your program’s effectiveness, this guide spans the entire organizational experience. From first interview to offboarding, it explores the full lifecycle of the internship experience. Wherever your organization may find itself on the internship journey, you will come away with valuable insights backed by statistical data and sound logic that you can understand, pitch to leadership and enact.

Marvin Johnson
Pennoni - Philadelphia, PA

Simpleshow Testimonial

“The Total Internship Management Course was immensely helpful in empowering us to launch our internship program with confidence. We've had extremely positive responses from both the mentors and the interns. We're on our 3rd semester of interns and all have given us rave reviews, recommended us to friends and contributed in a meaningful way to our organization. If your internship program could use some help or if you're looking to launch one from the ground up - I highly recommend attending a Total Internship Management workshop in your area!”
Michelle Humpreys
Talent Acquisition & Team Development Manager | Simpleshow USA Corp.

CN Testimonial

“The Total Internship Management Course really helped me to solidify the best path to getting interns who will turn into high-performing long-term employees. This highly engaging workshop helps clarify goals and expectations for both the internship program and the potential interns themselves. As an experienced internship program manager, I highly recommend this course.”
Camille Norman, SHRM-CP
Ring Master of Internship Programs | Kerkering Barberio Accounting Firm

LB Testimonial

“The Total Internship Management workshop was an amazing course for Intern Managers who need assistance with developing, solidifying, or even fine-tuning their internship programs. I began the course with little to no knowledge of how to manage my interns, and within a week, I have created a full 15-week internship program with the knowledge, tools, and resources from this course! Dr. Robert is an amazing facilitator. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE!”
Liam Barnes
Development Coordinator | Alzheimer's Association of Orange County

AC Testomonial

“Prior to participating in the Total Internship Management Workshop, we welcomed interns to join our team, however, did not have a structured program. We quickly realized we needed to create a true “learning environment” for our interns to develop and grow and while giving them an excellent experience. We continue to have success with our program, adopting new ideas and strategies, a result of the foundation we built with through the Total Internship Management Program!”
Amanda Collins
Manager of Talent Acquisition | Textura Corporation | Chicago, IL

ES Testimonial

“I’ve personally recruited, trained, and developed hundreds of successful college interns throughout the course of my career and I honestly didn’t think I’d get much out of this workshop – boy was I wrong! Whether your goal in hiring interns is to provide a path for them to potentially join your firm full-time or you just want to ensure you’re following the letter of the law, I would highly recommend attending The Total Internship Management Workshop as soon as possible.”
Eric Silverman
Principal & Owner – Silverman Benefits Group

BC Testimonial - copy

“The Total Management Workshop was time well spent. The format with the employers and academic contacts all in one room is fantastic. The table discussions and the group facilitation with an expert on the topic is terrific. In a sense, it was like a focus group with a captive audience and I came away with some key information on topics that were important to me and our organization.”
Brian J. Case
PPL Corporation

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Utilizing internships is the perfect way to conduct recruiting activities by identifying future hires, increasing retention rates, maintaining a pipeline of highly qualified candidates, creating and building relationships with local universities and organizations, and having short-term projects completed by an educated workforce.

For the above to be true, organizations must host effective and meaningful programs. How is this done? What are students looking for? What are the expectations of universities? What can organizations do to make their programs the best they can be?

The Total Internship Management Workshop is designed to help you and your organization build a win-win internship program. Based on the most in-depth research ever to be conducted into the successful management of internship programs, you can be assured that you will leave the event with a newfound approach to internships.

The presentation will include detailed statistics from proprietary research. Qualitative and quantitative responses will be shared from our latest research project, the National Internship and Co-op Study – a detailed examination of what makes internship programs successful based on the responses of over 225,000 students from more than 500 universities.

Total Internship Management Cover

Receive a copy of Total Internship Management (a $40 value) with your registration and six (6) CEU’s from HRCI or six (6) SHRM-PDC credits!


  • The 4 key elements to a successful internship program
  • Implement an impactful internship program that yields higher ROI
  • Engage your interns with meaningful work assignments
  • Create and maintain a pipeline of highly qualified and educated full-time job candidates
  • Increase brand awareness on college campuses
  • And much, much more!


  • Preparing your organization to “host” interns
  • Developing meaningful internship work plans
  • Selecting and training mentors and supervisors
  • Understanding college students’ needs
  • Evaluation and feedback to interns
  • Gaining valuable internship program performance data
  • Creating an assessment feedback loop to increase ROI
  • Understanding the legal environment

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Minneapolis, MN

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA



Miami, FL

Ft.Wayne, IN

Ft.Wayne, IN

Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University

St. Cloud, MN

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA


Christine Barkley, MA
Christine Barkley, MA
Christine Barkley is the Director of Curriculum, Research & Programming and will now be responsible for leading the organization’s Total Internship Management workshops. Over the last decade, Christine has served as an experiential education program manager, a career coach and has successfully held professional leadership roles in public institutions of higher education. Christine is known for her unwavering dedication to students’ career success and her ability to build and maintain strong, positive relationships with both employers and university leadership.

Christine earned a master’s degree in Higher Education at Penn State’s College of Education, and two bachelor’s degrees in Education and Mathematics from the State University of New York at Cortland.

Dr. Robert Shindell
Dr. Robert Shindell
Dr. Robert Shindell is the President and CEO of Intern Bridge and is nationally recognized for helping employers and educational institutions build, maintain, sustain and grow internship and other forms of experiential education programs and initiatives. Over the last 25 years, he has served as an experiential education thought leader and practitioner, as well as a senior administrator in both public and private institutions of higher education. Dr. Shindell has trained thousands of employers to build and sustain meaningful internship programs across the country.

Dr. Shindell earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Texas Tech University, a master’s degree in training and development from Midwestern State University, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo.

Past Participants

The Total Internship Management Workshop is appropriate for organizations of any size, from any industry, anywhere in the country. Since 2007, The Total Internship Management approach to building and sustaining amazing internship programs has been utilized by thousands of companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies across the United States.