The St. Louis Area Total Internship Management Workshop

May 19, 2017 | 8:30am – 3:00pm

Webster University| University Center, Sunnen Lounge
175 Edgar Road | St. Louis, MO

creditPrices – $359 For-Profit | $299 Non-Profit/Government 
Continental Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Provided!

Utilizing internships is the perfect way to conduct recruiting activities by identifying future hires, increasing retention rates, maintaining a pipeline of highly qualified candidates, creating and building relationships with local universities and organizations, and having short-term projects completed by an educated workforce.

For the above to be true, organizations must host effective and meaningful programs. How is this done? What are students looking for? What are the expectations of universities? What can organizations do to make their programs the best they can be?

The Internship Program Best Practices Workshop is designed to help you and your organization build a win-win internship program. Based on the most in-depth research ever to be conducted into the successful management of internship programs, you can be assured that you will leave the event with a newfound approach to internships.

The presentation will include detailed statistics from proprietary Intern Bridge research. Qualitative and quantitative responses will be shared from our latest research project, the National Internship and Co-op Study – a detailed examination of what makes internship programs successful based on the responses of over 125,000 students from more than 500 universities.


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HRCI Approved For CreditLearn How To:

  • Learn how to effectively implement an impactful internship program;
  • Identify future hires through a no-strings-attached 12-week interview;
  • Create and maintain a pipeline of highly qualified and educated full-time job candidates;
  • Increase their organization’s brand awareness on college campuses;
  • Build long-lasting relationships with local universities.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding and communicating with the Millennial generation;
  • Gaining executive level support;
  • Structuring internship projects, assignments, and tasks;
  • Choosing the most appropriate supervisor;
  • Marketing internship opportunity to students;
  • Providing out-of-the-ordinary orientation programming
  • Compensating and providing benefits to interns appropriately;
  • Evaluating & providing feedback to interns;
  • Gaining valuable data regarding the performance of the internship program;
  • Navigating the legal environment of internships;
  • Gaining organizational diversity through internships.

 Your Facilitator:

Sara Kirby, MA

Sara is the Vice President for Strategic Partnerships for Intern Bridge. Sara has fifteen years experience working in various higher education roles including overseeing the internship and service learning programs at the College of DuPage. Specifically, Sara’s work has included building successful partnerships among faculty, staff, employers and students and has worked individually and collectively to provide employer training and development in the areas of internships and service learning. In 2015, Sara and a team of faculty and students were awarded the College of DuPage Innovation Award for creating a new curricular internship recruitment event. Sara also sits on the board for the DuPage Association of Volunteer Administrators (DAVA) and is the President of the Illinois Cooperative Education and Internship Association (ILCEIA). Sara lives outside Chicago, IL with her husband and three sons. Email: Sara (at)


The Internship Best Practices Program is appropriate for organizations of any size, from any industry, anywhere in the country. Over fifteen-thousand have participated in Intern Bridge programming since 2005. A few notable organizations that have participated in various Intern Bridge programming include:

Past Participants